Haven Menu

Haven Salad                                      $7

Mixed Greens with cilantro lime-vinegarette,

dried cranberries & sliced almonds


Caprese Salad                                   $7

Fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, balsamic dressing, fresh cracked peppercorn


Cucumber Yogurt Salad                     $6

Greek yogurt, mint & lemon zest, served with homestyle pita bread


Greek Salad                                       $7

Cucumber, feta cheese, tomatoes, kalamata

olives & oregano with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil dressing


Add chicken - $4 or lamb - $6 to any salad.


Haven Sliders (3)                             $10 

Ground chuck with Chef’s special seasonings & swiss cheese. Served with homemade potatoes.


Herbed Garlic Chicken Breast         $12 

Grilled chicken breast, marinated in fresh herbs & served with spiced potatoes, grilled asparagus & thyme lemon sauce.


Falafel (Vegetarian)                           $9 

Chopped chick peas with Chef’s special herbs. Served with pita bread, babaganouj or hummus & Greek salad.


Salmon Chermoula                          $15 

Fresh salmon, marinated in Moroccan spices. Served with spiced potatoes

& sautéed spinach.


Chef’s Lamb Chops                         $25 

Grilled lamb chops, marinated with fresh herbs and served with Moroccan coucous and a mix of dates, apricots & prunes cooked in a balsamic

reduction and honey. Served with chimichuri sauce.


Moroccan chicken                            $14

Chicken breast cooked in savory Moroccan spices with preserved lemon

and green olives. Served with rice or spiced potatoes & Greek salad.


Dark Chocolate Mousse                    $6


Coconut Cake                                   $6


Cuatro Leches                                  $6


Red Velvet Cake                               $6


Tiramisu                                            $5

Harira Soup (vegetarian)                    $6 

Moroccan tomato soup with lentils, chick

peas, cilantro & spices


Tortilla Soup                                       $5

 A tomato base soup with Mexican spices, homemade tortillas & fresh cilantro


Tomato Basil Soup                             $5 

Fresh tomatoes with carrots, local basil &

cream Served with crackers.


Haven Pizza                                      $14

Roasted red bell pepper, tomatoes, onions, parsley & fresh mozzarella.


Mediterranean Pizza                         $14 

Sundried tomatoes, pesto feta cheese, kalamata olives, onions & tomatoes.


Lamb Pizza                                       $16 

Ground lamb, onions, tomatoes, parsley, scallions & spices.


Chicken Pizza                                   $15 

Lemon marinated chicken with garlic, red bell pepper, scallions & parsley.


Seafood Pizza                                   $17 

Shrimp & scallops cooked in garlic sauce, with onions, scallions, tomatoes & parsley.


Add chicken - $4 or lamb - $6 to any pizza.

Haven Olive Mix                                 $5

Mixed olives with Haven sauce & Chef’s herbs; served with bread


Zaalook                                              $6

Grilled eggplant, mashed with a savory sauce


Babganouj (Vegetarian)                     $7

Fire roasted eggplant, blended with Tahini,

herbs & spices; served with pita bread


Falafel (Vegetarian)                           $6

Chopped chick peas with Chef’s special herbs. Served with Tajiki sauce


Hummus                                            $6

A blend of chick peas, Tahini, lemon juice,

garlic & spices. Served with pita bread & a

touch of olive oil (optional)


Three Bean Hummus                        $7

A blend of black, kidney and white beans;

served with pita bread


Meze Platter (Vegetarian)               $13

Falafel, Babaganouj, Hummus, & Zalook.

Served with pita bread & Haven sauce


Patatas Bravas                                 $5

Homemade potatoes with a house blend of

spices and herbs. Served with taziki sauce.


Chicken Wings                                 $9

Buffalo or Lemon Pepper; with your choice

of ranch or bleu cheese. Served with celery


Samosas                                          $4

A fried pastry with a savory filling. Your choice

of chicken, beef or vegetable. Served with

Haven and taziki sauce.


All kebabs are served with basmati rice or herbed potatoes and Greek salad


Lamb Kebab                                     $19

Chunks of lamb, marinated in fresh grated spices & herbs


Lamb Kafta Kebab                            $17

Ground lamb, marinated in spices


Adana Kebab                                    $16

Ground beef marinated in spices & herbs


Combo Kebab                                   $21

Lamb, Adana & chicken kebabs


Tandoori Chicken Kebab                  $14

Chicken marinated with yogurt, special herbs & spices.

Soft Drinks                                      $2

Coke, Coke Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Fruit Punch & Ginger Ale


Orange Juice                             $2.50


Cranberry Juice                         $2.50


Coffee                                        $1.50


Moroccan Tea                                 $4

Add Cookies  $3



Bud Light


Shock Top

Michelob Ultra

Miller Lite

Blue Moon

16 oz







23 oz









Bud Light

Bud Platinum

Budweiser Black Crown

Bud Light Lime

Michelob Ultra

Coors Lite

Miller Lite











Land Shark


Dos Equis


Corona Light

Modelo Especial

Negra Modelo










Beetle Juice

Vodka, melon liqueur, blue curacao, Chambord, sour mix, cranberry & pineapple juice


Shirley Temple

Berry Ciroc, Sprite & grenadine


Georgia Peach

Peach Ciroc, peach schnapps, sour mix & grenadine


Blue Hawaiian

Malibu rum, pineapple juice & sprite


Skinny Margarita

Milagro tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, sour mix, orange juice & soda


Haven Island

Long Island mix with peach, watermelon & melon liqueurs, sour mix and sprite




















Tropical Haven

Malibu rum, melon liqueur, cranberry and pineapple juice


Haven Fusion

Ciroc PeachPeach Ciroc, Amaretto, lime juice & sour mix


Bahama Mama

Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Malibu, grenadine, pineapple & orange juice



Red Berry Ciroc, watermelon liqueur & sour mix



Blue Hawaiian         $25

Georgia Peach        $30














Haven Restaurant and Lounge

375 Rockbridge Road

Lilburn, GA. 30047

(770) 921-8011